What Happened This Week June 23rd :)

Hellllu Pussycats!!!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!!
It was a busy one here in the studio. 

Summer has arrived and I couldn't be happier :)

Things got listed and things got tidied up.
I can hardly believe it is almost Monday already!

Here area few things that happened in
the Weezi Studio over the past week :)

1. Cranked up the AC cause it was a toasty weekend!

2. Stella looked stunning with the 
vintage pillow case behind her.

3. New summer bobby pins sets get listed on Etsy.

4. Gave my (new to me) retro Cyclomatic blender a whirl ;)

5. Pretty summer bags are the order of the day.

6. Poodle wallets get re-listed :)

7. Pretty and feminine hair pins make summer 
accessorizing loads of fun!

Enjoy what is left of the weekend Pussycats!!
Luv Weezi xo