My Latest Vintage Finds

Helllluuuuu Pussycats!

As per usual I can't pass up
 a fabulous vintage find.
(It is bad luck to pass by a thrift store
and not go in! ;)
Here are a few of the gems I found
over the last couple of weeks :)

How adorable are these little floral clip on earrings?

SUCH a juicy story!!
If you don't know about Edward & Mrs. Simpson
you are missing out on one of the most incredible
 "love" stories of all time. He advocated the
throne for her and she was a wee bit nasty AND!
horror of all horrors *whispers*...divorced!
Doesn't get much better then that! 

How sweet is this little straw hat???!
I am hoping wearing sun hats this summer
will help keep my face clear....fingers crossed.

I suspect these are from the 80s.
I simply cannot resist cameos at all.

Two words--> vintage kitty.
Nuff said ;)

Plastic jewellry box with kitties on the lid.
( from the 60s I think)
I have no self control when it comes to the kitties,
 what can I say??? ;)

Enjoy the thrill of the find Pussycats!!
Luv Weezi xo


Body By Burger said...


First time commenter!

I recently got a similar pair of clip-on earrings to those! The lady who sold them to me said they were 60s. I am guessing that's about right... (?)Do you have any idea of the era of them?

Just curious!!

Lisa Weezi Gaverluk said...

HI! Sorry for the delay here!!! I think she is right. I think b/c of the kind of plastic they are, I'd say mid 60s too. I haven't tried them on yet but I don't imagine they are too comfortable! hahahha!
Take care! :)