Friday's Favourites

Helluuuuu Pussycats!

Today I would like to introduce you 
to some of my favourite online sellers and friends.

These gals are all amazing online sellers, artists and 
I am proud to say there is also an archivist in the mix :)

I am thrilled to know them and I think you should 
know what they have to offer too!

-->Stephanie makes fabulous handmade greeting cards
for many occasions with great care. She has a real
flair for whimsical design. Find her on Facebook too.
(her card is found here) 

-->Jessica is superb archivist of vintage magazines
and images. If you like vintage clothing and images, you
must be a fan of her site and Facebook page.

-->Amy has a very eclectic range of vintage clothing to choose
from, a real passion for history and a great blog you should follow
(her dress is found here)

-->Laurie is an amazing jewelry artist who works from her
studio in Muskoka. Her lines are clean and crisp and her
pieces are timeless. Fin her on Facebook here.
(her ring is found here)

-->Teresa always has smashing dresses in her online shop.
She is a wonderful follow on Facebook
 and her blog is delightful.
(her dress is found here)

--->Leslie specializes in vintage costume jewelry
 and does she ever! Gorgeous finds for the 
gal who luvs things that sparkle! Find her on Facebook here
(you can find her bracelet here)

-->Kim always has an wonderful collection of vintage clothing
and the sweetest monogram necklaces that she can do
made to order. Find her on Facebook too.
(her dress is found here)


Hope you enjoy these shoppes as much as I do Pussycats!
You can support small biz in your own town or
far away. It all helps make a difference!
Have a great afternoon!
Luv Weezi xo


Teresa said...

Aw! You are such a sweetie Lisa! Thanks so much for the lovely feature.

Lisa Weezi Gaverluk said...

The pleasure is all mine Teresa!! Thanx for always having such great stuff :)

Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

Oh thank you so much I am late seeing this but it's lovely to be here! Xxx