Weekend Goals

Weekend Goals

A potential list of must dos that
won't even scratch the surface of what
I really should be doing this weekend
 by Weezi

* A prefix---> tomorrow my brother comes to help me
start facilitating the new Weezi web site
set for soft launch this summer.
I am already feeling a wee bit freaked out b/c I am fully
aware of what it takes to set up and fill a web site with content.

1. Clean and tidy everything I can b/c after tomorrow 
night cleaning won't be a priority.

2. Read as much gossip online as I like b/c of said reason above.

3. Get a wee bit tipsy b/c it is the weekend and
 I am feeling overwhelmed by the internet.

4. Do the clothing alternations on my own clothes
 that was I supposed to do last summer and never
did because I was sitting on a patio (see get tipsy #3.)

5. Finish the aprons for the Fellini Koolini's which
I have put off for two weeks for reasons that may or may not
 have something to do with reading online gossip.

6. Write a blog about why I have't been writing blog posts.

7. Repeat number 3

Happy weekend Pussycats!!! xoxoxoxo