Spring Showers Bring New Hair Dos!

Helllluuu Pussycats!

Any gal with tell you that a change of the seasons
brings on inspiration for new hair dos and I
am no exception to the rule :)

I will prefix this post by saying two things:
1. I am in a constant battle of growing my hair out a 
bit, growing into "something" or plotting what short
pixie cut I should do next.
2. I am very lazy with my hair and do
not like to put much effort into it.
I need wash and go!

I spent the winter trying to work a cute
little bob.
I was tired of layers and thought that this would be fun.
It was but it took some work to make it look
perfect and smooth and i could never get it
to look the way I wanted it to.
I that is b/c my hair is too fine and has very little body.
(case in point here- it looks all "fly away")

In the end, I miss my messy layers.
So, tomorrow I go to get the layers put back in ;)

This is my humble before photo ;)
I have let it go too long and it is quite unruly

These are my inspiration pics that I will
take with me tomorrow to my trusted stylist.

I really like all of these!
My bangs aren't as long yet as the gal with the purple band
 but I like how her layers work. I am thinking more a combo 
of her layers and Pink's bangs and sides.

My criteria is that I can see some of the sides from
 under a summer hat and that I can push my
bangs to the side in the summer and pin them back when it is hot.
Will let you know how it goes!!

Who else is getting the urge for new spring hair???
Let me know what you are up to :)

Have a good one Pussycats!
Luv Weezi xo