Fabulous Newly Found Vintage Blogs

Hello Pussycats!
I wanted to share with you a few lovely
blogs that I came across this week.
I was doing my usual digging for interesting 
people to follow on Twitter and Instagram
and stumbled upon these gems :)

The first blog is:

From Adele's profile---> A literature student with a passion
 for 40s/50s clothing and too much time on her hands. 
My style icons  are Gene Tierney, Elizabeth Taylor,
 Dita Von Teese and  Rosie the Riveter. 
I like the crackle of old records, 
James Stewart movies on a Sunday afternoon.

I really like her hair and make up tutorials and 
how she puts her outfitts together.
I seemed to be inspired by many of the same 
things she is so it is a real pleasure
to read her posts :)

The second blog is:

Katie's profile says---> I have given up buying 
new clothes in favour of buying vintage
 or making my own.
Join me as I continue in my adventures to
 build a handmade, home-sewn, vintage life.

She is super sweet, takes lovely pics and 
I really enjoy reading what she has been up to 
and how she categorizes her week.
Brilliant!!  :)

The third blog is:
Esme and the Laneway by Marianne

From her profile---> My name is Marianne and I love vintage – 
and vintage dresses in particular. Here I'll be talking about
 these dresses,  as well as vintage hair and vintage makeup,
 my friends, my family,  my home, eating in, eating out,
my travels,  what I'm up to in the evening,
 getting going in the morning, 
what makes for a nice weekend, what inspires me, 
and generally about my life here in Melbourne.

Her posts are stunning and the views of her and 
the dresses in Melbourne are simply lovely.
The photos she posts are truly inspirational
and makes me want to learn how
to use my camera in a much better way :)

The fourth blog:

From her profile---> I am an artist, designer
 and creator of pretty things. I have a passion 
for vintage clothing, I enjoy dressing up and I love 
old world glamour. This is a blog of thrifting,
 fashion and fun by a girl obsessed with 
vintage and all things from a bygone era.

I really enjoy her pics from other
vintage blogger's posts and I
especially like how she puts
 her own outfits together.
She sewing machine tattoo is fabulous! :)

Hope you will enjoy reading and following these
blogs as much as I do.
Take care!
Luv Weezi xo


Adele said...

Thank you for this lovely lovely post! So honored to be featured along Esme and the Laneway!
How very flattering :) x

Lisa Weezi Gaverluk said...

Hi Adele!! Ohhh! I am SO thrilled that you like it! I LUV your posts and very your work very inspiring :)
Please keep doing what you are doing, LUV it! Lisa xo