Sometimes You Have to Hand Wash

Hellu Pussycats!

I am a bit of a fabric nerd. No big surprise ;)
I can spend hours in a fabric store and never be bored.
I not only enjoy the end result, but I also enjoy
learning how different fabrics are made.
I am fascinated by the mass production of man made fibers
and all the new recycled fibers that the industry
is coming up with.

We are very lucky to live during a period in which we
have access to some of the most comfortable fibers and
fabrics known to us in the history of clothing.
Women's stockings didn't have any stretch or recovery
 ( hence the baggy knees) until the 1940s.
It really wasn't THAT long ago looking at the big
picture regarding fabrics and fashion.
Spandex wasn't introduced into blue jeans until
the early 1980's on a mass production level.
Think about all the corsets, girdles and garter belts
that had no stretch or give in the fabric.

This gal looks lovely but can you imagine 
wearing this daily without spandex or lycra???

Lingerie has indeed come a long way!!

As I purooze thru images of undergarments
that resemble tiny torture devices I am
indeed reminded to be grateful for my cute 
little stretchy bras and comfy panties!!

Today's post is a wee reminder that 
these lovely stretch fibers do need some special
care to keep them in tip top shape. We want our
fav stretchy items to keep their shape
and last a long time.

I got this cute little bra top at the beginning of the winter.
It has had a fair amount of wear but I wear it
intermittently with other sports bras and regular bars
so it isn't my main means of support ;)
It doesn't get tons of wash and wear.

The problem is that I had made a few mistakes 
in laundering it. I should being washing it by 
hand but I will admit, I get lazy and do not.

If not hand washing it, I should at least be putting
 it in a mesh lingerie bag.
Ummmm....well, guess what?
I didn't do that either and to make matters worse
I have also washed it in warm. 

So, because I have been a lazy laundress my lovely
little blue bra top now has a lot of broken fibers
that look pretty crappy. 

In my defense tho, I did not put it in the dryer.
Honest I didn't. Brownie's honor!! ;)

*Sigh* I have been reminded to take care.
I should have washed in cold and gently by hand.

It wasn't an expensive item (luckily) but still I
want it to last because I like it, it is comfortable
 and I would like it to look as new as possible.

Key points to remember when washing delicate items
that contain nylon, spandex and lycra:
---> 1. Nylon fibers break down easily in heat, meaning that 
garments with a substantial amount of nylon 
should be washed in cold water and then air-dried. 

---> 2. Never use hot water, use cool or tepid water for both
 washing and rinsing.
 Hand-washing is best to prevent excessive 
wringing and stretching.
 If using a washer, place the spandex garments
 in a mesh lingerie bag. and wash on the delicate cycle.

---> 3. Never place the spandex garments in a dryer. 
Hang to drip dry or lay flat away from direct heat and sun.
 (exposure to heat will damage the spandex fibers)

I vow to be more careful and not take short cuts
with my delicate items.

Next time I am tempted to be lazy, I will think 
about what it might be like to wear this everyday
all day  ;)

Happy laundering Pussycats!
Luv Weezi xo