Not Totally Bombing at Bath Bombs

Helllluuu Pussycats!

As promised, this is the conclusion to my earlier post about 
making bath bombs at home.
 I am thrilled to announce that they
 turned out great :)

This is how we left things.
I let both recipes sit over night before I
extracted them from their molds.

The one thing that I did do differently 
was to use a plate when I was turning
the molds over. I realize now, that might 
seem like common sense but I didn't think of 
it before and many of them crumbled as I
 flipped the molds over.
You can't be smart AND pretty everyday

This were from the first recipe where
 I added the extra oils and 
they can out great!
The hardly crumbled at all.

The little ones in the heart ice cube
 tray did crumble a fair amount. 
I am not sure if that is b/c they
 were so much smaller.

There are still good to use.
Just not as cute.

All in all both recipes turned out great.
I did a sample test and both did
 fizz some and made the
 water super soft.

So happy to have a 2 week supply
 ready to go. These will be a staple
in out bathroom all winter long.
Enjoy your bath time Pussycats!!
Luv Weezi xo