Homemade Bath Bombs: That might not be "the bomb" ;)

Helllluuu Pussycats!

Tonight I am making bath bombs.
They are super fun to make AND really easy.
You find all the ingredients in your local health food store,
 super market, drug store and a "make your own
wine & beer" store and Ebay/Etsy.

I am working on making our bathroom as
cruelty free as possible and this is a great way to
ensure that it is. I am also trying to keep my
health & beauty products are chemical free
as possible. I am not a militant label reader
but the more education I have
combined w making my own
 makes me feel much better at the
end of the day...and bath ;)

I am very serious about my baths this
time of the year. Our bathroom is FREEZING
 in the winter. Three outside walls and almost no insulation
 is a combination for a very uncomfortable shower.
So, once the temperature hits minus "something"
 it is only baths until April ;)
I luv how soothing and relaxing a bath is at the
 end of the day. It warms you up wonderfully and I get
 some serious reading done over the winter in the tub :)

Okay! Let's have some fun!
I am going to give you two recipes that
 I luv to use. There are not my original recipes and
 I cannot take credit for them
but they are lovely!
The first one is from Crystalline_Chaos  
She gives great instructions and her
 ingredient list is here.
Everything she requires it what I have below.

Side note: I make these bombs to be more like
a bath powder or a bath moisturizer.
For me, the key to these little gems is that
 they make the water nice and soft as opposed
to a lot of fizz. I opt to make them with a bit
more oil then she does. I like fizz but my preference
 it is more about conditioning
 then an initial explosion.
I like my bath bombs to have not
so much "bomb" ;)
So I made some changes to her oil amounts.

  You mix all the dry ingredients together and
 then add the wet. Just  like making cookies :)        
I like to mix it all up w my hands.
It works way better then a spoon and it
feels really cool on your hands.

All the tutorials I have read say that you
know it is done when you can squeeze it in your hand and
 it stick together like damp/wet sand.
For me, this recipe as is was too dry even
with witch hazel spritzed
over the mixture a few times.

When I made this recipe (without changes) for my
Mum for Christmas and it turned out to be dry and wouldn't
really set in the mold. It fell apart and wouldn't
hold its shape. It was still nice in the tub but it was
very crumbly and I ended up putting it in little
bags for her with a wee wooden scoop.

This time I decided to add more of the oils and see what happens.
*** These are the changes I made to her oils:
Same-->1 Teaspoon  Cocoa Butter
Same-->1 Teaspoon  Shea Butter
CHANGES!---> 3 1/2 Tablespoons  Sweet Almond oil 
3 Tablespoons  Grape seed oil

(as opposed to only one 1 teaspoon of 
each the almond and grape seed oils)

I really liked how this batch held together after
I added the extra oils.

One last thing....I added 1 tsp. of eucalyptus essential 
oil to this recipe. I really enjoy scents in my bath. I find the 
aromatherapy very calming and let's be honest, 
I am a bit of a spazz  most days and could 
use some "centering"....hahaha!
You can find loads of essential oils
in a health food store. So many to choose from.
it can be hard to know where to start. Pick what
seems happy or relaxing.

However, some people do not like or cannot 
tolerate scents. That is another beauty of this exercise, 
you can create fragrance and colour free bath bombs.
Hurrah!!! Another win for homemade!

I pressed them into the molds I got on Ebay.
as well as the extra mix into a little heart ice
cube tray from Ikea.
(You can also use regular ice cube trays as molds)

Will let you know tomorrow if it turned out
better will the extra oils or if I totally screwed it up!
This recipe is by AbbyGirl on Recipes.com
This one is wonderful because you add
 honey to the mix.
You can her recipe here.

The big difference between the two recipes
is that this one has honey and olive oil.
The first recipe has sea salt in it
but no olive oil.

I made this one at Christmas time also and it was
 wonderful. It made the water super soft and
did have some good fizz to it as well.

Heads up about honey in the microwave!!
I was silly and put the honey in with the
coconut butter for too long. I was lucky
and avoided a microwave disaster.

It sort of exploded and blew up all over the sides
 of the cup. I had it on high for 45 seconds b/c
I wasn't thinking. I should have only had it on low for
 25 seconds at a time. Please watch.
Honey has a mind of its own in the microwave.

True story--->My friend's husband ruined a
microwave by  placing an entire jar of honey
 in for too long. The thing exploded and the mess
 was awful. There was no way to clean
it up so they had to get a new one :(
Please be careful xo

All my wet ingredients are now.
Mix very well.
I noticed right away that this one feels nice
 & moist right away. I added a wee bit extra
olive oil to finish off the bottle but
this one feels wonderful as it is.

This time I used my "flexi" muffin tins as molds.

I will let them sit over night and
 will post a conclusion tomorrow
about how they came out.
Stay tuned :)

I am no expert by any stretch but I am
happy to help if you have some
questions. I hope you will give
this a-go. It is really fun and makes
a wonderful bath.

Have fun Pussycats!
Luv Weezi xo