For Corset Sakes

Hellllllu Pussycats!

Let me say up front that I have never 
worn a corset.
Nor sure why really.
I guess the occasion has never 
really come up. I tend to lead
towards the comfortable 
rather then the uncomfortable
and unable to breathe ;)
I do however, admire them.
I think they are stunning and
look beautiful!
I have been checking out many
a corset at

I can across this post in 
the beginning of the week from
( this blog is a new fascination
of mine!)
She has posted a report regarding her
 first week of corset wearing.

The fit, the feel and need for
more room in the hip.
I highly recommend not only this post,
 but the site in general if you like
clothing and costuming from
 the 16th to 20th century.
The blog is written by Lauren.
 She is super sweet and 
offers up a lot of great advice
and info.
AND! As if that wasn't enough she has an
amazing shoe shop!

I have been known to literally swoon
over the shoes in her shoppe.

Lastly, she also has an Etsy Shoppe

Please do look her up and follow her chronicles 
in sewing and historical dress.
She has a lot of info to offer.

Enjoy Pussycats!!!
Stay Warm!
Luv Weezi xo

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Tienda Tallas Grandes said...

I think Lauren is known very well about new generation fashion which is seen in her blog. Interesting and very fashionable blog. I really like it.