Basket Liner

Hellllu Pussycats!

This week I finally found a basket the right
size to go above the coat hooks in my kitchen.
I am going to make a liner for the basket
and I thought I would make up a wee
tutorial for you. It is easy and you
it doesn't take very long, even for a beginner.
The nice part is that it doesn't have to
be a perfect fit for it to look nice :)
This is fun project for beginners
and advanced sewers.

ps: I am sorry that some of the pics aren't
that great. I took them w my Ipod.
As much as I luv being able to
blog from my Ipod, I have to
learn how to take better pics.

I thought it would be handy to have a basket up 
there for Milos to put his gloves & hats in.

It definitely needs a liner b/c it is scratchy not that attractive.

You only need a few supplies.  I used cotton, 1/4" elastic,
 2 colours of 1/2" double fold bias tape
and matching thread.

Lay your fabric over the basket with the wrong side 
of the fabric facing up.
You will need to leave about 5 inches of fabric
hanging over the basket edge.

On each corner you are going to pin
the corner to to fit closely to
the basket.
Not too tight tho, you need some ease
for your ruffle.

Stitch down all four corners back stitching at the corner
to keep it from pulling apart.

With the right side up, place your liner in the basket.
I placed some weighted items in the bottom
so that the liner stays flat to
the very bottom of the basket
when you are marking where to cut
around the edge.

I decided to go with a 3" over hang.
Measure and mark down 3" from
 the edge of the basket

Mark with something you can clearly see.
I used a marker and not to worry that
the marks are so dark.
The edge will be covered w bias tape.

Cut all the way around.

You will end up with an odd oval shape,
even if the basket is more of a square shape.

Press down your corners and
 smooth out all your edges.

Place the liner back in the basket
and we will now mark where to put the elastic and how
much of a ruffle you would like.
This is why you needed to leave
the 5" extra in the beginning :)

I opted for a ruffle about an inch and a half.
My elastic will go just above that.

Take your liner out and lay flat on the table
to mark where your bias will go.
Again, I want an inch and half ruffle so
I will mark up an inch and
a half from the edge
all the way around.
Make sure you are marking
on the wrong
side of fabric.
You see that the 1/4" elastic
 will just fit nicely in the casing.

I pinned down the sewn corners to
help keep the fabric lying flat.
That way there isn't any bunching when you
sew the bias on.
Important: When you use double fold
 bias tape you will notice one side
is a wee bit shorter the the other. 

Place the bias tape with the shorter side up.
That way you know you will catch both edges when you
are sewing it to your liner.
I like to place the tape with the fold on the right side.
That is just a personal preference.

I then went and pinned my
 bias tape down lining up the
edge of the bias tape with
 the marks I made.

Stitch down the folded side
 of the bias tape first.
It keeps the tape secure and
 it is easier to sew the
edges neatly when you do
 the other side.

You don't need to fold the edges
under just b/c they are raw.
The bias is literally cut on the
bias of the fabric
and will not fray.

Next sew your bias tape around the
 outer edge w the right side up.
Do this BEFORE inserting
your elastic
to make life much easier.
If you do not know how to sew
on bias tape here is a nice
and simple tutorial from
Smashed Peas and Carrots
to show you how.

Now insert your elastic, careful not to the
let the end
of your elastic to pop into the casing.
Then you have to start again and that is
 really annoying.
I pin my end down to keep this
from happening.
I have learned the hard way, many times ;)

Pull your elastic as tight as you like to create the ruffle you like
and then tie it tightly.
Trim your ends.

I put a little bow on the front :)

Ta da!!!

Very handy!!

I hope you will give this a try.
If you have any questions please
feel free to ask me.
Have fun Pussycats!
Luv Weezi xo


Hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog

ahh this looks great lisa! you have some great ideas on this blog! just finding it now!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

Lisa Weezi Gaverluk said...

Thanx Hattie! I wish my photos had turned out better but it is a great and fairly easy thing to do. I am thrilled that you found it helpful :)