To Blog or Not To Blog
That is Indeed a Loaded Question

Heelllu Pussycats!
Once again, I find myself apologizing for not
having blogged more.
When I am in the mood to blog and/or
have time it is wonderful.
Then when life gets in the way I resent it and
don't even want to go near the damn thing.

I LUV the sharing part but it can be such a huge
 time commitment among 
so many other things and I seem to spend more
and more time in front of this computer
and less time sewing and creating.

There must be a few of you out there who can relate.
I feel like I get into a groove and then BAM!
my schedule is shot and stuff happens and I barely
have time for the essentials. I leave the blog for a month or
two, I loose my momentum and then I am back to
apologizing again.

So this is what I am going to do.....
I am going to make this blog more about 
me, Lisa AND Weezi, it will be about both.
I am thinking that maybe if I don't limit myself
to only Weezi content then I might have more fun w it.
Not that I think Weezi is dull but some days I need a 
break from it. I think I will be less likely to burn 
out and loose my groove sorta speak.
Does that make sense?
And, to be truthful...I am NEVER  lacking for something 
to say that's for sure ;)

I have no idea if anyone will read or follow.
Blogs seem to be alive and well so lets dust this
old girl off and breathe some fresh life into her 
and see what happens.
I am open to your thoughts and suggestions.
I hope to hear from you!!

Weezi xo