Happy Birthday Baba!

Hello Pussycats!

Today is my Baba's birthday.
Sadly, she passed a few years ago but I
still think about her all the time and miss her greatly.
My Baba was my Dad's Mum and was of
Ukrainian origin. To be honest, I don't 
know that much about my Baba's childhood
or her life as a young woman.
Like so many of us, I wish that I had asked many
more questions and learned more about
her life. I wish I knew more about the woman
as opposed to just knowing her as my Baba.

Baba and Geido lived in
St. Catherines while my family lived in London.
I didn't get to see her as much as I would 
have liked. As much as I hated car rides
when I was kid, ( I always got car sick...always!)
I was super excited to see her b/c I knew there
would be tons of hugs and kisses.
Nobody was happier to see us then Baba was.
I luved being around her. She was so warm and 
loving and always had a loads of sweets.
There was always a grand supple of soda in the basement
 in every colour in the rainbow.
Like anyone, she was happiest when her home was filled
with the people she cared about the most.

She luved to watch detective shows on TV.
I remember watching Starsky and Hutch, Love Boat
and hours of game shows with her.
She was the one I was with when we learned Elvis was dead.

My Baba taught me the art of shopping at rummage sales.
She luved to hit up all the church and garage sales.

Elbows up, pull hard and move fast!
She could could grab a 15 cent box of buttons
from across the room  faster then any other old gal
in the place.
She would return to me with a big smile (victory!), hat still perfectly
perched on her head, and not a wrinkle in her blouse.
I watched and I learned.
These principles still apply to my thrifting approach today ;)

My Baba is also one of the reasons I am as 
crafty as I am. Like my maternal grandmother,
my Baba was also a sewer and seamstress.
She helped to foster my passion for sewing
and the pursuit of creativity.
She spent hours and hours in front of the
sewing machine and had a fabulous sewing room.
When I was little, I often imagined what it would 
be like to have a whole room for sewing.
Hahahah! Now, I have a whole apartment ;)

I remember my Baba being a good cook who introduced 
me to real Ukrainian perogies and cabbage rolls.
She had bags of jelly beans and jujubes hidden in every
closet and every drawer.

She showed me that pretty things didn't have to
be expensive to be enjoyed and cherished.
She showed me that handmade things were the most
 valuable. That nothing said how much you cared about
someone more, than when you gave the gift of yourself.
She herself was a real gem.

Happy Birthday Baba!
Miss you and luv you xo

Take care of  and enjoy your Babas, Grannys, Nanas, Omas
and Bubbys Pussycats while they are still here.