Cream Puff Bags

New Wristlet Bags 

Hellu Pussycats!
Last week was all about bags.
I was in the mood to make some small cute purses.
( Side note: B/c I sew A LOT and make many
of the same things, I often
pick what I will make that day by my mood.
Not to sound like a pretentious artsy
fartsy schmuck but if I am making 20 of 
the same thing there is a certain mental
state that I have to get into to sew for
that long of a stretch.
I must be in the mood to sew
that particular thing or it is a losing battle.
There is no point in me making skirts if I
want to sew bags. There will be mistakes, swearing,
 ripping out seams and even some crying ;)

This is my prototype Cream Puff  bag.
It has been a long time since I have made
a cute little bag like this.

I had to get the height and width just right.

I didn't think the elastic was secure enough so I decided
to add a drawstring in the casing.

As you can see, I work best in controlled chaos ;)

The first bag I finished was this adorable red plaid one.
It is for me ;)

Here are a few of the finished ones.
They so cute all together.

I am really happy with how they turned out :)
Will get this listed on the web site and my Etsy shoppe next week.

Stay Warm Pussycats!
Luv Weezi xo