Look for Well Sewn Buttons
Helllu Pussycats!

One of the top complaints about newly purchased garments
is about the buttons falling on.
Grrr! What a pain! This is a huge annoyance for everyone.

The bottom-line is that most buttons are not tied off or knotted
during the manufacturing process.

Buttons are all sewn on by machine at break neck speed.
The machine sews on
the button and then it cuts the thread automatically.
The thread gets trimmed. There is no knot. End of story.
The beauty of buy a handmade made item is that we
take the time to knot our buttons, the machines don't.

(To see how they sew a button on in factory super fast click here
This really blows my mind. I would have barely
 thread my needle and they are done)

One thing to look for is how much thread was used to sew
on the buttons. The more thread the better the button will stay on.
If the button was only sewn on with 2 or 3 loops,
then it likely fall off sooner b/c with washing, wear etc. and
it won't take long for the thread to unravel.
Four hole buttons have more thread in them then two and
will have a better chance of staying put.

Buttons that are sewn on more tightly will stay put longer as well.
When in doubt give it a little yank and see what happens.
Best to know before you leave the store :)

Also, look for cracked buttons. The very common
mother-of-pearl buttons you often
see on cardigans are notorious for cracking apart b/c
they are very inexspensive to use.

A quick word about button holes: 
A high quality button hole sits neatly on top of the fabric
and appears tight and even.
There is no fraying or irregular threads around
or within the button hole.

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Hope this was helpful!!
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Have a great afternoon.
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Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Interesting! This is something I suspected about buttons on mass-manufactured clothing, but wasn't sure about. You put any strain on buttons sewn like that, and they're bound to come loose. Great post, Lisa!

Aluma Wallet XL said...

Thanks for sharing ways you can take advantage of these accessories to fix a piece of clothing that lost a button or two. Good post.