Vintage Roller Coasters- I am Not Good w Speed

I Like My Mondays Dull

Helllluuuu Pussycats!

I am not in any way a thrill seeker.
You can't pay me enough to go on rides.
I am terrified of heights.
I am not good with speed.
I start to have a panic attack just thinking about being turned upside down.

I always say I prefer to take my chances in life
by being self employed.
That is enough risk for me on a daily basis.
Never knowing what will happen next is just as
"exhilarating" as a double Ferris wheel in my books.

Now, having said that...I wish I was more adventurous.
I wish I had an Evel Knievel sort of spirit.
Flying thru the air on a motorcycle over 100 buses
or being shot out of a cannon seems like great fun.

But no.

The biggest risk I took was skiing for a few years
and even then, "bunny hills" only please.
( Those ski lifts can be terrifying!)

When I saw this post today by Vivid
I was so enchanted with the idea of
the earliest of  "modern" dare devils who came up the first ideas
for great thrills & chills. 

Imagine being the first guy to go rattling down a newly 
built but untested roller coaster. Yikes.

Someone did! ;)

Anywho...check out this post
with some lovely photos of  rides
and roller coasters from the 1900s.

The photography is amazing and it is fun to wonder just 
what those early rides would have been like.
She write a great commentary about what it might be like
to be apart of those initial days of carnival rides.
Vivid also has some lovely DIY tutorials and has some great 
feature DIY sellers too. Loads of fun & great to follow :)

Wishing you a fabulous Monday with both feet on the ground ;)
Luv Weezi xo