If Only Otis Could Talk

Helllu Pussycats!
The most amazing story was shared with me
over the weekend and I had to
share it with you.

Rachel, a very talented photographer posted this fabulous photo
she had taken of her pooch Otis.

I was immediately smitten. What a guy!
I of course had to comment and tell her how
fabulous I thought he was.

She has asked me if I had seen her post on her blog
about when he ran away....for 4 years.
Yes, I said 4 years!
I was like WTH??? Nooo!
So, I immediately had to check out the post on her blog.

It is the most amazing story. You hear about these
kinds of things but I had never met someone
who had lived thru it.

It is an incredible story of being found.
How a phone call changed Rachel's life for the better
and brought the most incredible news.

Click here to read the post about Otis' return.
Warning---> get a tissue.
She writes it very well and even tho there is a happy ending
it will tug at your heart strings.
It will also make you wonder what the heck
had Otis been up to??? If only he could tell us.

Enjoy Pussycats!!!
Have a great night!
Luv Weezi xo