Easter Bonnet

In Your Easter Bonnet

Hellu Pussycats! Happy Easter!!!

I luv fancy vintage hats and wish that they could be worn today
as easily tights as pants or Ugg Boots.

But, that is just me. I am a wee bit old fashioned.
I really wish that big flowery "over the top" Easter hats
were still in vogue.

I long to live in a time where fashion was for looking "smart"
and people took pride in their appearance
 as opposed to doing as little as possible.

I digress. I had my wee rant.
You guys can relate or you wouldn't be here.

Having said that....here are some examples
of gorgeous Easter Bonnets I would be happy to wear :)






Happy Easter Pussycats!!!

All the best from my house to your families :)
Luv Weezi xo