~Today is about Luv. It's That Simple~

Happy Valentines Day Pussycats!

I am not big into over commercialized holidays.
Not a surprise to those that know me.
However, a bit weird for someone in retail.
I just can't get into forced feelings of emotions
on designated days
You must be in love on Valentine's Day!
You must be super drunk on St. Patrick's Day!
There is really only one day to tell Mom you luv her!

I like the sentiment behind these days, including St. Paddy's Day.
I enjoy a few pints & a good sing song as much as the next guy ;)
I like the idea of everyone have the warm fuzzies. 
We all need that for sure.
I just hate how at the end of the day it is all about
the marketing & getting us to buy more. Must buy more!
Making singletons feel bad & hyping up illusions
that most men can't live up to.

This is why I am not independently wealthy.
I can't buy into the hype. I can't sell you junk
just to make you believe the myth.
For me, today is all about the love.
It doesn't have to be romantic love....just love.
A day when we can reflect & be thankful for
all the people in our lives who luv us. 
People who CHOOSE to luv us.
Not b/c they have to....b/c they want to.
Our friends & support systems are made up of people who luv us
and want to be in our lives.
That is the best Valentine I could ever ask for. 

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Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

yes! me too...it's strange living here in the States as I think the 'holidays' are even more pronounced than when at home...and they start months before! I also am getting my head around this now I am in retail and have to get used to thinking ahead...I guess!
happy love day anyway!