I Can Cook???

I Can Cook???
Hellu Pussycats!
I don't really like to cook. I am not a good cook.
Truth be told, I  don't really have much interest in cooking.
I don't have a fancy palate.
Squash isn't the "new" potato to me.

I have very simple tastes. Many times I have mentioned that
I would be happy eating only bread, potatoes & cheese.
( I have Eastern European blood in me....can you tell?)
I don't "do" spicy. If it has a mushy texture, forget it.
Some people call me picky. I call it knowing what I like.
This is whole other topic for another day.

Now, having said all of that...
This winter I am trying to cook.
I am embracing my crock pot & vintage casserole dishes.

Why??? For 2 reasons.
#1. I found myself bored to death at the grocery store.
#2. I have the most unreasonable stomach in the world.
I have had a 'tricky" stomach since the day I was born.
If it isn't aching it is bloating.
I am just not designed for raw foods nor
am I designed for "intense" foods.
I am not allergic to anything, I just don't tolerate many
foods very well. It's Ok-I am used to it.
So, after many, many spaghetti dinners I decided
it was time to throw some caution & fear to the wind 
and see what I could come up with.
I was ready for some more variety and healthier options.
(Sadly, I have put on a few pounds and really should
eat less pasta.)
I need easy recipes w photos
and it can't take too much time.
Hence, the crock pot & casserole dishes :)

This week I did up a version of "faux" meat Shepard's Pie.
It turned out great and I was bragging a bit on facebook ;)
( b/c I was so astonished at how good it was!)
Imagine my shock when friends wanted to know
how I had made it.
What?! Me?!
Miss "Burns Everything & Is Afraid of Salt"...Ok!

I have made this many times but I wanted to add more veggies to it
and make it a bit more healthy.
These are my changes and what I added:
1/4 bag of organic baby carrots ( the small bag)
2 medium florets of broccoli
1/4ish cup of garlic ---> :)

I sauteed the onions, garlic & carrots in loads of olive oil.
Then I added the broccoli. 
(If we had had spinach in the fridge I would have added that
in as well.)
I was a wee bit heavy handed w the garlic salt & pepper.
Once it was all nice and soft I added in the ground round.
I seasoned as they suggested but I left out the soy sauce.
I doubled up on the Worcestershire sauce AND!....
My "secret" ingredient is steak sauce & lots of it  :)
Popped in a can of corn and Bob's your uncle!

Mashed potatoes are certainly not rocked science but
I know there are many theories on what makes great mashed potatoes.
For me, I never peel them cause Mamma always said
the best vitamins are just underneath the skin.
I used yogurt instead of milk and I added
garlic salt to the potatoes too.

This is my humble version of veggie Shepard's Pie.
Shepard's Pis is a no brainier for most but this
was a real milestone for me.
 I didn't burn it, it tasted great & Milos liked it too.
Thank you Leah & Cindy for your interest.
It really boosted my confidence and totally made my day!!
Luv Weezi xo