Winter Movie List

Winter Movie List

Hellluuu Pussycats!

Since October, I have been mentally compiling a list of movies that I
have not seen but I think I should see.
These are all classics and to be honest, I can't really explain why I haven't
seen most of them.

The only one I can explain for sure is Platoon. I am not good w violence, gore
and incredibly realistic war imagery.
I was young when this came out and all I heard was how
graphic it was and that scared the bejeezus out of me.
Scared enough to stay away for a long time.
I think now that I am a big girl...I can handle it as long as I can
cover my eyes w my "blankie" ;)
Okay- here is my list to start:
1. Dr. StrangeLove
2. Gone With the Wind
3. Doctor Zhivago
4. Rosemary's Baby
5. American Graffiti
6. The Godfather
(I know, I know...I don't know why I haven't seen it)
7. All About Eve
8. Strangers on a Train
9. Platoon
10. Cabaret

I also have a list of classics I want to re-watch
and movies that I "LUV" and will watch 100 more times this winter :)
The Apartment, Rear Window and Annie Hall are top favs.

No doubt this list will grow as the I make my way thru them.
There are tons of great vintage and retro films out there
esp. European films that I am sure should be on the list.

If you can think of another great vintage film that I should see please
feel free to leave me a message :)

Have a great afternoon Pussycats!
Keep in touch! luv Weezi xo