I Want to Go back In Time

I Want to Go back In Time

Hellu Pussycats!

When I was a pre teen I read a book called
Hanging Out with GiGi.
It was about a girl who goes back in time and hangs out with
some teenage girls in the late 40s early 50s.
if my memory serves me correctly, it ends up being her
Mum that she hangs out with.
She had so much fun and got to wear fabulous
new but "weird" clothes.
She got to see the world in a whole new way.

I was never the same after that.
I wanted to go back in time and see what the 
40s and 50s were really like!
I wanted to have a bouncy pony tail, be a sweater girl and
wear saddle shoes! Please!
The whole book was so much fun and what an advantage she
had b/c she knew what the future would bring
but she could see HOW they had gotten to the future.
(If that makes sense.)
Call me a vintage geek but I think about these things all the time.

I would kill to go back and see what it would be like when everyone
started to have electricity in their homes.
Imagine the excitement when you could turn a light on.
Bamm! LIGHT instantly.
No candles, no oil lamps just instant light for as long as you wanted.
The talk of the town would be who was the first
to have electric lights in every room! How luxurious.

Can you just imagine the shrills of delight when you
( past you, not today you)
tried on your first dress w a zipper??!
No more fumbling w buttons....just zip up and you are in.
EEEEK! The excitement of it all.

I feel this way about everything from automatic 
washing machines, vacuums, and plug in refrigerators
to stretchy fabrics and non belted maxi pads.
Not to mention the talk in coffee circles over
automatic dish washers! Pure decadence.

Now, I am about to date myself but I do remember the magic
of seeing colour TV for the first time.
I remember my Mum getting rid of the ringer washing machine and
having an automatic washer AND dryer brought to the house.
It was a huge day of celebration for all of us.

I will never forget the intense feeling of independence
that a cordless phone meant to a teenage girl like me.
No more yanking and pulling the phone
 across the dining room floor just to get in a few whispers
in with a friend in my own room.
The receiver would just reach into my room ,cord stretched as far
as it would go and I could talk w the door almost closed.
But, the rest of the phone remained in the hallway.
A cordless phone meant I didn't have to lie on
the floor and talk w my
head butted up against the door frame ;)

I realize I am a wee bit sappy and that I am a bit of a romantic but
I know for sure that the gal who got her first electric vacuum 
or plug in iron felt the exact same way I
did when my computer arrived.
I would just like to be there with her... in my victory rolls
and non elasticized stockings.

*sigh* If anyone has a time machine please let me know.

I think this video is fine consolation to my trip back in time ;)
Luv Weezi xo