Are You Brave Enough to Wear Vintage?

Brave Enough to Wear Vintage?-Please Try!

Hellu Pussycats!
These days to look at me you wouldn't think that
I have much fashion sense at all.
I am always in jeans and a crappy tee/sweater.
The truth of it is, that I work "in a factory" and it
is more important to me to be comfy for the long
12 hour+ day that I work then anything else.
This has not always been the case nor will it be forever.
I plan on having more fun w my clothes this spring.
I need to find a balance between comfy/functional
and expressing myself thru my clothes...
considering that is what I do for a living.
*rolls eyes at self*

Truth be told I got lazy, distracted and I have gained a few pounds.
I think I look fat & don't want to try anything on.
I feel fat & don't want to try anything on.
I am sure you know the feeling.
I have fallen into the trap where I would rather
be in something baggy & frumpy then put in the effort
to deal w my body.
Anyhow, that is a  blog for another day. 
The point is life is too short and I shouldn't hold myself back.
I luved wearing crazy cool vintage clothing!
I luved the thrill of the hunt for vintage clothing
(which is why I design it b/c you can't find it here)
I grew up being being chatty, too loud and as a general rule
too weird for the neighbourhood.
I need to find that girl again whose mission
was to make people stare at her on the bus.
( I almost got fired from Kinney Shoes b/c
and I quote.."You look like an idiot"..hahaha!
Mission accomplished!)
I have been thinking about this for a long time &
I need to be more of a billboard for myself.
I need to have more FUN w my clothing.

I am lucky that I don't have so much of an "issue"about
being brave enough to look different from everyone else.
I have trying to look different from everyone since I was 6
 and it helped define who I became as an adult.
But I know for a lot of gals courage can be fleeting.

In the Weezi studio I really try & encourage girls to embrace their own look. 
To experiment w different styles and try to find what makes them tick.
Sadly, I am often met w glazed looks when I suggest
something off the wall. It makes me sad.
We here live in a very conservative town &
standing out can be tough.
I need to lead more by example.

I truly want every girl that comes to Weezi to have a sense of what
makes her an individual and if vintage can fall into that even better!
Having said all of that there is a fabulous gal
that is my "go to" blogger for inspiration.

I regularly follow UK blogger Retro Chick.
I luv her! She rocks my world.
She wrote this blog post awhile ago and still  go back & re-read.
I think it is a fabulous piece about standing out, being different,
wearing vintage and body image.
I luv her opening line:
When you dress like a nutter people often comment on it.
For all of you that do dress "like a nutter" or 
want to dress "like a nutter" this.
I think most of you will relate.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
Stay strong and dress like a Nutter!!!
Don't let big box, dull, boring, homogenized
crappy mall fashion win.
I beg of you. Be brave! xoxoxoxo
 Weezi :)


April said...

MY eyes start to glaze over when I see another set of UGGS walking down Richmond Row. Thank god for shops like Weezi and From Mars (RIP Layman House)!!!!
If everyone waited until they lost that last 5lbs before they dressed in something fabulous or fun, we'd never get out of sweats!

South, eh? I didn't realize you went to the Rock and Roll High School :)
April. said...

I couldn't agree more! You are so right on both accounts!
Oh yes, I am a SCI Lion ;) It wasn't so rock & roll then. Bit, I did play the clarinet ...hahahah!