Some of What I have Been Doing

Some of What I have Been Doing

Helllu Pussycats!
It was a weird week last week. I had loads to everyone does.
And, in the end it seems like I go a lot accommplished,
just not the things I had intended to.
This is such a spazzy time of the year for retail and you'd
think I would be able to stick to the list...but no.

For those of you who know me well, know that I HATE
being cold and therefore winter.
My pledge this year was to become a better cook/baker, turn on the oven, heat
up the kitchen so I can quit my bitchin' ;)

This batch of oatmeal raisin was amazing. You
will notice that I did not burn them...this is a good start ;)
BTW-this is a really good & easy recipe. This is it here.
Very sweet but a real crowd pleaser!

This was my 3rd attempt at crock pot curried vegetables.
It looks like I know what I am doing when I put
everything together like this.
Everything went into the crock pot & it turned out OK.
I was happy with it but it wasn't even close to the
lady at the market. I am going to have to 
buy her a coffee and try to get her secret recipe ;)

I have admit..all in all my attempts this one was were fairly successful.
I think the baking part will go better then the cooking part.
But! I have 5 months left to go.

I got my net flower shoe clips done. I am very happy with these!

All the little bows came out super cute as well.
I will take some proper photos of these this
week and get them listed :)
Rememebr if you see anything here that you would like more
info on or to purchase  send me an email and
I can set up a listing on Etsy for you.
Locals you can pay online w no shipping and pick
up at the studio whenever you like.

I got some more rubber ducky & Elvis shower caps made.

Loads of aprons cut and ready to be made up this week.

This adorable pink apron is one of the new ones.

And of cousre Stella was working over time
keeping the bed warm.

That is all I have for this Monday.
Have a great afternoon Pussycats!
Keep in touch! Luv Weezi xo