Threads tutorial: How to put in a zipper

Zip Me Up Please!

Hellu Pussycats!

Putting in a nicely sewn zipper can feel like a 
real achievement!
Not the easiest thing to do especially
when you are starting out.
It can also be a source of frustration even for those
of us that have put in hundreds of them.

I found this wonderful zipper tutorial
from Threads.
(which BTW is an amazing resource for tips and how tos)

This is a great post  for both the beginner and
those of us who might need a bit of a refresher.
She talks about the center zip, the lapped zip and the invisible zipper.

Her suggestions of using interfacing as a stabilizer
is a very good one. 
Just remember to do a tester first on a small scrap
to make sure you can see the outline of the interfacing
on the right side of your garment.
And of course- check the heat setting on your 
iron before setting in the interfacing or the zipper.
I like to use a hot iron most of the time and loads of steam.
BUT! it has gotten me into trouble
b/c I sometimes forget to adjust.
You want to make sure that your iron settings aren't too hot
to avoid shiny marks, scorching or horror of all horrors...melting and scorching!
Been there :(

Lapped Zippers are great for skirts and pants.
Again- this is all about practice.
She says it all here. Pin everything in place
and go slow-don't rush.

Sometimes it helps to try it out on a tester first.
Take some scrap pieces of fabric and a few ugly coloured zips and make up
a "fake" back of a skirt like what she uses in her photos.

Practice sewing in your lapped zipper a few times before you attempt it
on the real thing.
Carpenters have a saying... Measure Twice Cut Once" 
(which couldn't be more true!!)

I say "Practice on a Mock Up, Save Many Swear Words and Many Ruined Projects"
You don't want to know how many pieces I have thrown
away b/c I was in a hurry and screwed up an application.

Lastly, the Invisible zipper really is the easiest.
If you haven't tried it- give it a will wonder
how you lived without it.

Hope you find this post as informative & interesting as I did.
Have a great afternoon Pussycats!
Be in touch, Luv Weezi :)

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