Dying Vintage Slips

Dyeing Slips 

Hellu Pussycats!

I did some slip dying this week.
I LUV doing this. I think it is so much fun to dye
something and see what kind of colour saturation
you are going to end up with.
I am no expert by any stretch- just something I dabble in.
 I add some colour and fun to my slip selection.
I think slips should be very colourful & interesting. 
Not all boring, beige and dull-yuck.

That day I decided to try out a package 
I had called Silver Taupe..??? What??- I know.
These are dyes were passed down to me from my Granny.
She used them to dye wool that she had spun by hand.
They are called Cushing Dyes and I have a very hard time
finding them online etc.
I use what I have sparingly for fear of not
being able to replace them.
These are exceptional dyes. Just sometimes, the
colour names are a wee bit vague & the colour chart isn't great.
Anyhooo- that is part of the fun :)

 It turned out to be an interesting sort of grey colour.
And in the end-Silver Taupe did make sense...who knew? ;)

I cook them for about 20-30 minutes depending on the intensity of the colour.
The one thing about these dyes that are superior to
drug store dyes is that it soaks in fast and if you let it cook long enough eventually
all the colour is soaked up.
You can sort of see here that the water in my spoon is almost clear.
The slips in this pot won't dye any darker.

Everything has been sucked up.

That is my issue with drug store dyes- 
the dye isn't very colour fast and the colour 
never really sets in. Even if you cook with vinegar & salt.
I have used them for myself personally but I wouldn't feel
comfortable dyeing something with a drug store
dye to sell to another person.

After I take them out of the pot I have to rinse them of course.
You can see here that there is no colour at all
being rinsed out. The water is clear. Amazing.

I also did purple that day too- LUV this colour!

Unfortunately, you can't always predict what you are going to
end up especially when you are dyeing vintage/used slips.

 I always wash them first in the machine w a mild detergent
but sometimes they take on a life of their own
and get very spotty.
I have tried to re-dye them in a darker dye but it doesn't work.
I can't seem to deal the imperfections in a successful manner.
It is often the luck of the draw.

 There didn't seem to be anything wrong with this one
before I dyed it. It was washed and I looked it
over for stains or flaws. It looked great.
Apparently not.
I knew 2 minutes into the pot that it was going to
dye very spotty.

Too bad- it was a nice slip.

I let them air dry of course and then I have to iron them- 
which I haven't done yet.
Stay tuned for finished pics then :)

Sorry to leave you hanging but I ran out of time.
Have a great night Pussycats!
Be in touch, Luv Weezi xo

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