Making Corners for a handbag

Tutorial for Andee
How to Sew in a Strap in the Top Square Corners of a Bag.
( if that makes sense....often explaning and trying to describe
sewing is way more difficult then the application itself!)

Please forgive the lack of quality in the pics
and lighting.
Sewing is my is obviously not ;)
Here we go Andee---> I hope this what you were looking for.

So- I am working with the premise that we
will be inserting a 1 1/2" strap for the bag.
You will need to cut out a square chunk on the top.
I have some varying seam allowances in there too.
Why keep it simple when you can make it difficult??? ;) 

Sew in about 1 1/2" from each edge and press open for your zipper.

I clipped the zipper for less bulk.

 Jeeze- get out the magnifying glass ;)
Click on it to read better.

Blurry! Yikes :(

Ta daa!!!! Done-Only you will pick much nicer fabric ;)

Now- If you are going to line this bag  and not do 
any hand sewing or serging....I would suggest a 
different zipper application. Not any more difficult.
The rest would be the same.
Hope that helps!!!

And-if anyone else can learn learn from this tutorial
I am glad to be of help!

Have a great Friday! Be in touch...
Luv Weezi xo


The Vintage Scene said...

This would be perfect if the material was leather! said...

oh yes!!! very much so :)