I'm Wearing Weezi

How Do You Wear Your Weezi??
Hellluuuu Pussycats!!
I hope you are all enjoying the summer so far :)

I am putting together albums for both the
Weezi FaceBook fan page and
the Weezi web site called "I'm Wearing Weezi".

I want to fill it with photos of all you fabulous
Pussycats in your Weezi dresses, skirts, tees
or aprons. Anything that I made actually.
If you would be so kind to email a photo of you
wearing Weezi I would be thrilled!

No need for fancy photos.  Candid shots, fun pics from a party
or wedding...whatever it may be.
I would really like to fill this section up with images
showing that Weezi is for everyone.
Every shape and size.
That Weezi is being worn by fabulous women
who are confident and looking good!

I luv being able to sell you something that makes

you feel good and looks fantastic but most times
I don't get to see you all dressed up or even just
how you accessorize it.

Cooking up a masterpiece in your apron?

Attending a graduation?
Dancing up a storm at the disco?
I want to see it all :)
I can't wait to see your interpretation of your Weezi
item and where you wore it.

Here are a few examples I have received already....
As you can see- these are not pro photos.
The point is to have a lovely collection of
visual testimonials for Weezi clothing :)

If you can please send files 500 pixels or larger
that would be great for better quality viewing.
Please email photos to:

Please note: If you are kind enough to email me a pic
 I will be posting it publicly online.
I will not mention your full name or tag you unless
you give me permission to so.

I am super excited to see what you send!!!
Any questions please don't hesitate to ask:)

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I would luv to have you aboard!

Have a great weekend Pussycats!!
be in touch, Luv Weezi :)