Weezi Sizing

Go Ahead....Size Me Up!
Hellu Pussycats!!!!

I have been thinking about the issue of sizing
and labeling for quite awhile now.
We have our "standard" size charts. 

I could go on forever about the ridiculousness
(that is a word..i think)
of these standard sizing charts....I mean forever.
I could also talk endlessly about the bastardization
of sizing by the evil multi national corporations
who feel the need to try and pigeon hole us gals. 
They work very hard to impress upon us
their warped and twisted ideas of what are
acceptable body images for women.

Okay- I get it...we have to start somewhere. Fair enough.
We have to have a basic set of measurements in which to go up
and down within to create sizes.  And also, to provide a working template
for an industry that has to try and size many body types.

Really, the issue for me overall  are sizing philosophies 
and the ever shrinking variables for each size.
You compare a size chart from the 50's to 
today's and it is very telling.
There is the famous comparison about what size 
Marilyn Monroe would be today.
It is widely agreed she wouldn't be a size 2.

I don't like often the "pained" look on a gal's face 
when she asked me if I have an xlg.
It breaks my heart- every time.
The fact that she is a bigger gal isn't a secret and
we ladies come in all shapes and sizes.
What is annoying is that she has to subject herself to a ridiculous,
 mythical version of "math" set up by a bunch a "yahoos" at 
some corporate head office.
Why is it one place labels their pants as an xlg
with a 30" waist and the other place
labels their xlg pants as a 36"???
Who is making this stuff up???
Greedy,selfish.mysoginistic drones that only
 care about their bottom lines. 

I am so tired of the social connotations behind any sized larger then a 4.
I am so angry about the shame many gals feel b/c of their size.
It drives me crazy. 
I want shopping at Weezi to be fun and exciting and
a completely different experience from the mall.
I want my customers to come in and then leave with
feelings of confidence and pride.

I can't change what society is doing to us women and how it is 
constantly manipulating us into hating our bodies.

I can stop how the media tells us every day we aren't skinny enough,
our hair isn't shiny enough, 
our teeth aren't white enough,
are boobs aren't big or round enough,
our thighs have too many jiggly bits.

I can't change it all by myself. I wish I could.
BUT! what I can do is change how women are treated and how
they feel about themselves
when they come to Weezi.
I don't want gals to be shy or ashamed about asking for a size.
I don't want anyone to feel bad about their boobs, bums or hips.
You have jiggle?? We all have jiggle.
Life is too short. We need to embrace ourselves.
It makes me sad and I don't want to see that pained look anymore.

So....having said ALL of that, here is what I am going to do.
First- all garments will be marked but the actual measurements
36" bust 48" hips etc.
I can give a reference for a standard size if that helps you.
I have some size charts handy so we can talk about if you are 
more of a traditional size 8 or size 12 etc.
We can use small med and large as reference points...b/c we need reference points
but the idea is look more at how the garment fits you and if it suits you.
Not all Weezi dresses are for everyone but we can certainly try.

Secondly-  I am slowly introducing what I call 
the Weezi Curvy Line :)
After what will be sized as a large or size 12 will come 3 sizes:

*Curvy will represent a size 14
*Luscious will represent a size 16
*Vivacious will represent a size 18

These curvy sizes will be roomy and will
follow a more traditional fit that will allow ample room
for boobs, hips etc.
There is no longer any such thing as 
an xtra "anything" in my shoppe.
Call it what you want.
I call it respect.

This is just the beginning Pussycats.
I am sure I will need to make some modifications as I go along.
I will do my best to try and stay as true to real life size as I can.

I am slowly working on building up my Curvy Line and
I am sewing as fast as I can.
I will be offering the Curvy sizes both in the studio and online.
Weezi  isn't changing.
It is just time to add to what I have been doing and 
accommodate more lovely gals.

It will be a journey Pussycats and I am really 
excited about what is starting here.
I really hope to make a teeny, tiny difference somewhere in this
vast world of big box nonsense.

I hope you will join me :)
All the best!!
Be in touch, Luv Weezi :)

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Caroline said...

I am extremely happy about this. Thank-you so much.