Sailor Dresses

Well, Hello Sailor!!!!

When I was a kid I had the cutest little jump suit
with a sort of sailor collar on it.
I luv it!!
 I really think the combination of those white shoes and
my red socks really helped ;)
That big smile was mostly due to my "outfit".
I couldn't have been more pleased w how I looked.
I didn't really know what a sailor collar was then but I knew
it made me feel very "jaunty and kicky".
Thus begun my luv of sailor collars.
I still think they are so adorable and timeless.
These are a few examples that I really like
 found thru google:


Last week I begun the pattern making process 
of the new Weezi  sailor dresses :)
I was UBER excited!!~
I hope to make these a permanent part of the Weezi dress selection.

I started with some initial draping to get a sense of the size and shape 
of the collar.
I wanted a nice full collar
but I didn't want it to look too 1970s.

 (too long!)

( two rows of trim or one???)

I really debated between a front zip and a back zip.
As usual I couldn't make up my mind.... I over think everything!
Front zip won.
I thought it might be more practical.

I graded up to a 44" bust :)
So, I will have 6 sizes ready to go.

I am super excited to show you but
not until they are completely done.
Here is a wee teaser...
 Everything is cut and together.
Facings are done ( boo! I hate making facings~)
The collars have all the trim
on them and ties are ready too.
Side pockets have been sewn in.
(Stella was over seeing my work as you can tell)
Phew! The hard work is over.

One of my favourite "feelings" during
a long sewing process like this, is when everything is together on
the garment.
Nothing else has to be attached...other then the zipper.

I am really excited now :)

If everything goes according to plan I
should have all 6 dresses done by tomorrow.
Stay tuned Pussycats! I think you will like!!
Enjoy your Wednesday~
Be in touch! Luv Weezi :)

Photo shoot I worked on with 
my brother Adam Gaverluk.


evaJacobeam said...

i will absolutely need one of those in a small!!!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

That photo of you as a tot is so cute! I am loving the outfit. Also loving seeing the process of these dresses coming together.

Anonymous said...

how much will these sailor dresses be?