Inside the Weezi Studio

Nothing Like Moving Furniture Around
To Help w the Blues

Hellu Pussycats!
When I was a kid my Mum used to luv to move
the furniture around esp. in the living room.
There was nothing more exciting then coming home from school 
and seeing the TV, sofa and "Dad's" chair 
exquisitely showcased under new locations.
WHAT!??? We could watch TV AND see into the kitchen at the
same time???? Who knew?!
I too used to then do this in my room once I was big enough
to move my furniture myself.
There was a huge sense of accomplishment 
and "newness" to this endeavor.
I always felt so exotic lying on my bed
when it faced a new wall.
I could see the whole world in a new way.
What perspective!
It was like living in a whole new room...a whole new house!
I could pretend that my whole life was going in a new direction.
Maybe I really could be famous or
better yet!-a professional clarinet player... ;)
My homework was sooooo much easier when it faced
the wall under all the shelves.
I was 9-what can I say???
Today, that feeling of newness after moving around 
the odd chair and table hasn't left me.
Whenever I need a wee pick me up I like to move some stuff.
I was feeling a little bit of the post
vacation blues on Sunday so I decided to
moves some things around in the studio.
It felt amazing!
Note to self: I need to learn more about feng shui :)
Just a few fotos...
A new "housewares" section with aprons, vintage housewares
and all domestic goodies :)

A "girlie" section with jewelry and bath & beauty.

The back wall has all the bags together again.

Feels so fresh now.
If you are in the neighbourhood please pop
up and check it out.
Enjoy your afternoon Pussycats!
Luv Weezi :)