Apparently I Can't do Everything-Who Knew?

Apparently I Can't do Everything-Who Knew?
"You can put wings on a pig, but you don't make it an eagle."
Bill Clinton
Well, ummm, yes..this is me actually writing a post
after an embarrassingly long absence.
I have been thinking about what to 
say re: this delay in between posts. 

I felt all "weird" about it for a while & then I decided
that no one really cared anyhow if I took a unexpected
hiatus from blogging.
There are 100 million, trillion blogs out there.
Who cares if I blog or not?
But, I did care because
what is comes down to for me is consistency.
I am someone who craves routine and consistency even tho
I hate conformity & predictability.
Does that make sense???

Here I am working hard to build the blog and
attract readers & fans. 
I am trying to build something interesting and informative
on some level all while putting my personal spin on things.
Even if I only have 10 regular readers a week 
I should live up to my obligation to those 10 readers.
It is the right thing to do. Period.
It is how I would wanted to be treated.
So....what happened????
At the beginning of April I could sense that I was overwhelmed. 
Working 14 hours a day 7 days a week.
I was cranky, touchy, emotional, frustrated, uninspired, annoyed
and a wee bit pissed off at the world.
I can imagine you have been there too.

 I am a one gal show over here.
 Designing, pattern making, sewing, fotos, listing,
maintaining the web site, blogging, Etsy, ArtFire, selling,
running the physical Weezi store,
Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, 
emails, treasuries, newsletters...
*gasps for air* all done by little 'ole me.

Sound familiar to anyone???
I can hear many of you nodding ;) You get it.
I was not happy. Something had to give.
 I had to walk away from a few things for a bit. 
I was in desperate need of regrouping.
Life wasn't going to come to an end if I stopped
blogging/posting for awhile....or would it???
Would people be annoyed? 
Would they cross me off their lists forever? Eeek!
Then I got caught up in the "what ifs"! 
What if I undid all my hard work online? 
What if no one came to Weezi b/c I didn't spend 6 hours day on line?
What if everyone forgot about me or worse! one cared!? 
What if all those business bloggers were right?
That I would be a dismal online failure b/c I
wasn't "dedicated" enough?! The horror of it all!!!
What to do???!
Well, first thing to do was a reality check.
There isn't time for one person  to everything and do it well.
No matter what anyone tells you. There just isn't.
I would just have to live with all  the "what-ifs".
It was time to re-evaluate.
I realized what I was missing the most was sewing & creating.
I didn't study fashion to sit in front of a computer 6 hours a day.
All the fun parts of Weezi were suffering.
The store was suffering. Things seemed stale.
People coming into the store seemed a bit confused.

Customer: Where is all the new stuff??? 
Weezi: I posted on Facebook, Tumblr ,Flickr & there are new Tweets!
What more do you want?!
No, not really...but I could tell the regulars
were miffed and we can't have that.
I was working hard everyday
but not getting anything done of any real consequence.
I was spinning my wheels and I was tres unhappy.
No inspiration, no fun in creating b/c I wasn't creating fast enough!
And damn! If I didn't have new stuff made fast enough what the hell
would I blog/post/tweet about???
I needed brand new, uber exciting, life altering products
with the best photos EVER to complete
the Weezi experience of that day!
How would I EVER succeed if I didn't have all this 
new stuff to rock your world??

Yep-I hit the wall. I needed a break.
Perhaps it was all self imposed and I did it to myself.
Regardless-it sucked.

Anyhow- that is my story.
I realize it all sounds a wee bit dramatic.
I was only away for a couple of months.
 The kicker is that I want to leave the best impression possible.
If you ever get to meet me in real life- you would undoubtedly
form your own opinions about me but the one thing
that I hope you would note is my commitment to my word.
So, where do things stand now???
It isn't reasonable for me to think that I can blog everyday.
I will aim for 3 times a week over the summer.
Key word: Aim.

Try & find a balance between it all. Sound familiar?
I am going to re-think my schedule and  prioritize a wee bit smarter.
I am going to stop thinking that I can do everything
& stop beating myself up if I can't.

It won't be easy as I am a horrid "type A" personality
who thinks she can do everything and can control everything.
ha ha!!

Too be honest, I am not 100% sure how it will all work out.
At least now I recognize it for what it is.
I will make an concerted effort to not get sucked in by it again.
It will be a journey and I hope that you won't
mind coming along with me for the ride.
I would luv to have you!
Humbly yours, Weezi xo

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. 
Only through experience of trial and suffering 
can the soul be strengthened, 
ambition inspired, and success achieved. ~ Helen Keller

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Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Oh, Lisa, even though I don't make/create things, I can relate to a lot of what you say in this post! But most especially, this statement: "I am someone who craves routine and consistency even tho
I hate conformity & predictability." Makes complete sense to me! Sometimes, I've found, you need to step away from the daily grind in order to make good things happen.

I'm still here! :) I hope your joy of making things has returned and that you had a good break from all the social media stuff.