Table Top Messenger Bags

Table Top Messenger Bags

Hellu Pussycats!

Last week I made some messenger bags out of plastic
table cloth plastic.
Last year when Milos and I were in Prague I 
found all this fabulous table covering that
I knew immediately I wanted to make into bags.
It took a wee bit of persuading to convince him
that loading up the suitcases full of plastic table 
cloths was a good idea- but here we are :)

I think these are perfect for spring b/c it doesn't matter
at all if they get wet and they are easy to wipe down.
2 inside pockets and a adjustable strap.
Next up small tote/lunch bags...stay tuned for those.

I luv it when a plan comes together!
I promise to get these on the web page asap...really.
I know it is in desperate need of updating and
I resolve to do it right away :)
Have a great afternoon Pussycats!
Be in touch~ Luv Weezi xo


Paper Doll Vintage said...

How freakin ingenious!!! They are perfect for rainy weather..and we get a LOT!...seriously in..gen..ious! xo

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty cool looking. I bet they would make some nice summer gifts to younger teens with those nice, warm colors.
-Jackie @ Plastic Table Covers said...

Thanx so much! they are fun :)
I think they are for all ages and really for anyone who luvs colour.
Gals who want something fun or maybe a diaper bag.
A beach bag even!
I think you should have fun w colour at any age- it isn't just relegated for kids :)