Store Sweaters for the Summer

Hellluuuu Pussycats!!
On the weekend we changed
the clocks ahead and even though
it was difficult to loose an hour of sleep I am thrilled.
It is a sure sign that spring is just around the corner!
And of course, with spring only a matter of days away
it will put many of us in the mood for spring cleaning.

One of my favourite things to do!
I LUV getting out the summer
dresses & putting sweaters away.
Unfortunately, we do have months in my apt.
I have to pack everything away very well
protected from those little pests.
I was doing some research about
storing winter clothes and found some
helpful resources.
I thought it might be good to share a bit
of this info with you.

The ugly truth is that when we put our things away
we have to protect them from bugs & their larva-ick.

The big thing I was reminded of today
was the importance of washing it all.
You really should wash everything before it goes away.
I'm often in a hurry
and think that I will wash everything
in the fall and then it will be super fresh.
After reading a few things today I will make a
point of washing every thing.
Including my hats, scarves and mittens.

Storing sweaters was my interest.
This video made the reason for tissue clear.
( these 2 are a strange mix!)

BTW~acid free tissue means you will
find it your sweaters  with no undue
chemical reactions to the tissue,
no untimely deterioration
and no color changes.
Only use white tissue.

This video is very basic but does have a couple of valuable tips.
These next articles had some great tips as well.


I hope the tips and info will be helpful Pussycats!
I know I learned a few things this afternoon.

Now I am really in the mood for some spring cleaning!
Have a great week~ Be in touch! Weezi :)