Anatomy of a Jumper Made with Real Hands

Anatomy of a Jumper Made with Real Hands
Hellu Pussycats!

I have had some comments lately that have motivated me
to blog & share about my hand made process.
For those that engage in hand made in any way
know the "nuts & bolts"of the process is what is at the heart
of its impact.
A handmade item is just that.
No crazy specialized machines, no robots, no 
impoverished sweat shop labour horror stories.
It might sound cliche but handmade IS made with love 
by real human hands.

Handmade is not only a lovely end result but a process.
Those of us involved in handmade endevours
 we often create what we luv
b/c of the process...not JUST the end result.
Me for example- I LUV the the fact that I can take a very
one dimensional medium like fabric and
with a few darts, seams & tucks I can create
a curvy, flowy garment.
At heart, I really enjoy the whole process of
creating a pattern on paper
and then taking the idea into a reality with my
sewing machine and my hands.

Handmade is a whole process that involves many decisions.
It often involves a lot of time & the magic of creative inspiration.
I have a light bulb moment!...I see a vintage photo-
I see a girl walking down the street in a kicky skirt.
This IS the essence of handmade.
No machine producing mass quantities of
mindless, souless junk can compare.
When you buy a handmade Weezi item, you are also
purchasing a wee bit of "me".
I am not a machine. I am not a computerized robot.
I am involved every step of the way.
Every stitch, every seam, every hem.
All done with thought & care.
I think it is important to help people understand the kind of
energy & commitment that
goes into the handmade process.
That handmade item you see for sale isn't an "over priced" widget.
You are also purchasing the creative process- the time
and energy that one person has put into their widget with pride.

So..... having said all that I decided to take some
pics of a jumper I made last week.
Here is some of that process....

I am calling this jumper the Leah after a lovely gal who is
an inspiration to me :)
It is an Aline jumper.
My patterns have to be the messiest going~
But I take a lot of care with lining everything up so they look
messy but the "math" is not.
I started with a 45" bust and graded down 2 sizes.
Each size goes up or down by 2" which is an industry standard.
Getting ready to cut.
I decided to go with a full facing so I don't have to line
the entire jumper.
Even tho it take a more fabric & I still have to put the darts in the front facing, it will
make for a lighter summer jumper.
Interfacing goes into the facing to help stabilize the neckline.
No one wants a floppy neckline ;)
For this facing I don't need to interface the entire thing.
The cotton twill doesn't need the bulk in the darts and under the arms.
If it was a light weight cotton I would do the
whole thing however.

Once you sew around the neckline and the armholes
you clip into all the curves...
Trim away the seam allowance too.
The you pull the back thru the armhole to the front.
DO NOT sew the center back together yet!
I have made this mistake too many times to count :(
Back facing

Front facing.
These are so great for providing some stability and structure
but not having to deal with an entire lining.
Tip: I press my dress darts down and the facing darts up- this helps
avoid some bulk in the bust dart area.

Ta daaa!!!!!! 
Here it is done.

The print really hides the little pockets on the
front but this pic is a wee bit better.
I made 3 of these.
45" bust,43" bust & a 41" bust.
Can't wait to see it on!
I hope you might have enjoyed my process Pussycats.
I don't mean to be preachy in any way- it is
more about putting the information out there
and helping people understand.
The more information and education the better.

Have a great Friday! Stay Warm!
Be in touch. Luv Weezi xo