*Heart Crinolines*

*Heart Crinolines*

Hellu Pussycats!
I luv crinolines and it is a shame that I don't actually own one.
What the hell is wrong w me???
Answer: I am too practical for my own good.
I always say that I work in a factory and where 
am I going to wear:________________ ??(insert fabulous item )
I have loads of gorogeous shoes for example and I always wear my Cons or boots in the winer.
I am sewing in a sweat shop all day and night.
No one cares what I am wearing.
I need to be comfortable and practical baout sitting and sewing for 8+ hours a day.
I need to be able to get dirty and messy.
And really...who am I trying to impress????

Well....call it  a winter wake up if you will
but I starting to re think my bad, too practical, attitude.
I luv wearing my no nonsense jeans and tees every day but
you only live once and I want to start dressing up a bit.
One day I will wake up 70 years old (God willing) and think
"Why on earth didn't I dress up more??!"

So, the question is where to start???
How long??? What colour???
( and a big fat NO on making my own. I do not have that kind of patience!)
Well today..I like the idea of just window shopping for inspiration.

Okay that does it.
I need a red one, a pink one, a black one, a pale blue one
a mint one and a turquoise one FOR SURE!
LOL! I gotta save my money!!!
Enjoy your afternoon Pussycats!
Be in touch~ Luv Weezi xo


Mina LaFleur said...

I'm the exact same way; same job and everything! I sew in a sweaty little corner of a factory and most days aren't even worth make-up, let alone wearing my prettier things that could get machine grease or what have you on them! It's combats/skate shoes, jeans and t-shirts for me unless I've got somewhere special to be after work. I can't work well if I'm not comfy.

kate gabrielle said...

I love crinolines! I was the same way for a while, didn't get one because I didn't think I'd have anywhere to actually wear it, but even just putting it on wear around the house is fun! lol :-) I got mine on amazon for like $15 and it's perfect, although now I want one in every color!

Amateurian said...

Oh, Weezi - love it! I spent a lot of time in crinolines in my past life as a ballet dancer. I do love them & all the colors they come in, too - even if they are scratchy ;) Great post!