You Can't Ignore-ah the Lovely Lenora!

You Can't Ignore-ah the Lovely Lenora!

Hellu Pussycats!
My fabulous friend Stephanie in Moncton NB has a
new cooking blog called....

Cooking with Lenora!!!
The right amount of sass,class and ass.

Small town Canadian girl with big dreams, big opinions, a big mouth...hell, big everything!
A fat-activist, glamour queen, believer in equality for all.
The title says it all- Sassy and classy in a wonderfully curvy package.

You can click here to check it out~
She is just starting out with her cooking posts
so sign up and help spread the love :)

 She looks fabulous here in her Weezi apron!

 You gotta luv cooking in vintage lingerie!

 Nothing like a cooking-companion cocktail!
How about an extra classy Jack n Ginger on the rocks, with cherries,
served in a teacup-nothing says class like hard booze in a teacup.

This post features a yummy gluten free crust pizza
with baby spinach, chopped red onions, thinly sliced sweet potato,
white mushrooms and a little sprinkle
of grated Parmesan~Not the powdery crap, the good stuff!

I'm in!!! Looks delicious!
Stay tuned for more fabulous posts~

Lenora is a very sassy gal who speaks her mind and does not mince her words.
If you think you up for
some east coast wit, charm and piercing honesty.... that might knock your sox off
then I suggest you follow Lenora La Noir on Twitter here.

And of course you can always follow me~WeeziClothing on Twitter here.
Have a lovely Friday Pussycats!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xo


Lenora Le Noire said...

Thank you so much Lisa!! You're such a doll! I hope to do some more posts soon!

Batty said...

oh la la!! Lenora looks like a gal I'd like to get to know :)