The month of "RE"

The month of  "RE"
Yep! Just as I predicted.
December flew by and now it is.....winter.
I don't have any real resolutions other then, to try to be better
organized and not such a spazz.

The one thing I do enjoy about January is the ability to regroup,
reconnect and reorganize.
I really luv the idea of starting fresh & having the time
to reevaluate & put new plans into action.
And, maybe...just maybe have some time to relax.
The last couple of days I have had some time to look 
at others' inspiration boards and
do some research on line to help inspire
my "soon to be" spring sewing.
This is my first inspiration board of the new year.
Pink & Gold.
I do luv how feminine and
pretty gold & pink are together.
This sets the tone for my new year.
Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Be in touch~luv Weezi xo