How to Hand Wash A Sweater

How to Hand Wash A Sweater

Hellu Pussycats!
Winter means sweaters and sweaters mean hand washing
I like to do laundry but I am not a big fan
of hand washing if the truth be told.
I will often take my chances and put my dedicates in a small
white mesh laundry bag and machine wash on gentle.
Yes- I am going to hand wash hell!
However, I do have a few vintage beaded sweaters that I know I
must hand wash.
Hand washing isn't rocket science by any stretch but
I thought a little re-fresher couldn't hurt.
I liked this video b/c it was simple.
She uses a mild shampoo.
Any mild liquid soap is Ok.
Preferably a natural non chemical liquid soap.
Just swish the sweater around gently.
Unless you play touch football in your woolies
you just want to loosen the "particles" and "smells" from
your garment. You don't need to have a small game 
of roller derby going on the in the basin w your sweater
to loosen the dirt etc.

Rolling in the towel is key for sure to getting as much water out as possible.
Do it a few times with different towels if you need to get more out.
Be firm but gentle.

Her technique with the hangers at the end is ok for heavy bulky sweaters.
Anything light weight or that is a loose weave please don't hang.
Block your sweater carefully and lay flat to dry.
Hanging can and will stretch out your sweater and its fibers.

When in doubt, lay flat with the arms out.
(reminds me of a limerick I know but that is for another show!
*wiggles cigar and mustache*)

If you are unsure how to block a sweater you can 
have a peek at this video.
Again-not difficult just try and press it out with your hands
 to what the original shape would be.
The beautiful thing about working with
natural fibers like wool is that they
are very pliable and can always be re-shaped if you make a mistake.
If it looks weird to you, spray down with water and try again.
Wool is very forgiving...just don't throw it in hot water.
That,  it won't forgive!

WOOL+ HOT WATER= crying :(
Unless you are felting.
I hope you will find these helpful Pussycats!
I know I was due for a little refresher.

Have a lovely afternoon!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xo