Quick Apron Shots!

Quick Apron Shots!
Hellu Pussycats!
Speaking of shots....YES please!!!
I could really use a stiff shot right about now ;)

However- that is a whole other issue.
For now, I am putting up some quick pics
of more aprons.
They are selling like hot cakes and you
have been asking for more-for which I thank you!

Please forgive the quality of photos...these
are really teaser shots to give
you a quick idea of what is here.
Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Hours for the rest of the week:
Monday 20th: Closed 
( sorry it is the only day I can do my shopping
-If you need to come by after 5:00 send me an email)
Tuesday 21st: 11:30-7:00
Wednesday 22nd: 11:30-6:00pm
Thursday 23rd: 11:30-8:00pm
Friday 24th: 11;30-4:00pm
Have a great Sunday Pussycats!
Stay Warm! Luv Weezi xo