Weezi Half Aprons

New Weezi Half Aprons
Hellu Pussycats!

A big, huge Happy Thanksgiving to all my
American friends!!
Hope you all have a fabulous holiday w lots of love & good times! xo

It has been an apron making frenzy over here Pussycats!
These are some quick pics I took
to give you an idea of what is new.
I realize they aren't the best photos.
Check it out :)

 Some new hostess aprons w fun prints~

Some are one of a kind and some I have doubles.

 These are some new crafting arpons.
There will be more of these soon.

All are in the studio now.

If you live out of town and would like to purchase
an apron just send me an email and it is easily done.
Have a great afternoon Pussycats!
Luv Weezi xo

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Boston said...

I luv the skull and cross bone apron but if I wore that in the lab I would be yelled at. Will have to come by after I get paid to pick up a little more lab appropriate. Will make carrying around my measuring tools a lot easier.