Get Waisted in a Pencil Skirt!

Get Waisted  in a Pencil Skirt!
Hellluuu Pussycats!

I am a huge fan of the pencil skirt!
One reason, is that you can't fake wearing this skirt.
You either wear it right or forget about it.
This will make any gal look sexy and even more...
You really feel like a woman in a pencil skirt.
Tummy in and chest out and you can't help that sexy walk.

Va va Voom!!!
I don't care what size you are can pull this off.
You just need to take the time to find one that fits properly.
(key word here is fits)
Pay attention to the length and where the waist band sits.

Yes, it has to be at your waist-your REAL waist.
Not your hips.

If it is near your hips, it isn't a pencil skirt.
You loose the silhouette.
No arguing on this point. Marilyn Monroe didn't
wear her skirts near her hips
and neither does Joan Holloway.

Here are a few of the pencil skirts that I have made.

You can find more info about these
Weezi skirts here.
I have shown these in smalls b/c of the size of my model.
but there is a wide size range here in
the studio and on the web site.

I  hope you try on a pencil skirt very soon if you haven't lately
and enjoy the transformation!

Enjoy your afternoon Pussycats!
Be in touch!
Luv Weezi xo

photo by Adam Gaverluk


ShopRetroTrend said...

some classics will never go out of style! Love your waist/ hips diagram. Great post, as always. said...

Thanx Ryan! Scary that I have to use a visual but too many gals don't know where their true waist is!
I'm on a mission! ;)

Rose Reyes said...

Love the advice! As the other commenter mention that diagram was perfect!