Wide Legged Trousers

Wide Legged Trousers
Hellu Pussycats!!
Unfortunately, today is a headache day...boo hiss!
Oh the joys of being sensitive to the barometric pressure and temperature changes.
Poor me...blah,blah,blah.
I should be grateful that it will go away...I have friends
w chronic pain and they would kill
for my piddly little headache.
( moment of reflection)
So, I sit here trying to be productive and get some online
"things" done and tidied up...I am easily distracted.
I am usually distracted by the obvious things,
shoes, celebrity gossip, photos of cute kitties.
But today for some reason...it is all about high waist wide legged trousers.
Go figure.
 Not that exciting but good enough to keep me from
doing what I should be doing...

These patterns are fantastic!

omg. this one is so fabulous!
I LUV the hair and her earrings!

You see...at a very intimidating (ahem) 5'-ish tall I am
always looking for pants that will elongate me.
I like how high waisted, wide trousers help
give me "more leg".
Cause lord knows I could use more leg!!!

These are great. The waist is amazing.

I am also a bit of a purist when it comes to trousers.
I think they should sit on a woman's waist...not her hips.
Hips are fine for jeans and cotton pants.
Trousers are meant to be worn high.
You can't get the same effect with short waist trousers..that is just my opinion.

 I understand that if you have some fullness around the tummy
that high waisted might seem counter productive but
with pleats like these you can camouflage.
And- it is much better then muffin top.

It is a wee bit difficult to relate to these models ...I know.
But- these would be great on a gal with a little bit of a bigger 
thigh who wants to slim her silhouette.
( this comes from a gal who also has "bigger" thighs)


Dolce and Gabbana
The problem for me too is that once I hem them, I
often loose a lot of the cut of the flare.
I should just make my own- but I find sewing pants very frustrating.
That is a story for another day.

Enjoy your night!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xo


Beth said...

I hafta tell ya...I've made pants from similar patterns for *years*. I just love the style. That being said, I am a fashion school reject, so please don't take this as advice! lol

Weezi.com said...

I love that style too! So comfy and in the right paisley fabric- very smashing! ;)
I am sure yours are great! :)