Random Stuff in the Weezi Studio

Random Stuff in the Weezi Studio

Hellu Pussycats!
Today I have some random pics of what is
going on in the Weezi studio.

A recycled Beaver Canoe sweatshirt tote bag.

Lots of  new Weezi bags-the shelves are almost full!

Some fabulous retro kitchen finds

Lovely handmade lockets and necklaces

Many fun blank cards

Tons of coasters
My beautiful cat Stella giving me a wee bit if the "evils".

 I will be sewing up a storm over the next few weeks so check back to what
is new and exciting! :)
 Hope you have a lovely Sunday Pussycats!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xo


Paper Doll Vintage said...

When I was in grade 7, Beaver Canoe sweatshirts were the must have for any preppy LOL..especially if you had one in our little northern Ontario city...we had to travel to Toronto if we wanted one. Super cute idea for the tote...I really really like it :)ahh nostalgia

Weezi.com said...

I remember my first once a salt and pepper gray colour and I thought I was the the coolest ever.
One lucky kid was going to Toronto so we all handed over our allowances with a list of colour choices and alternatives.
Nostalgic for sure!
I eventually got red sweat pants too ;)
It was almost as exciting as getting my first Kettle Kreek "godet" top...remember that?