Vintage Inspiration thru Archives

Vintage Inspiration thru Archives
Hellu Pussycats!
I am terribly unmotivated to sew in this heat.
However, I am motivated to find inspiration for up coming and shoots
and designs.
One of my first stops is 
Jessica is an incredible archivist who posts the most
incredible vintage photos from catalogs,magazines etc.
You are looking for vintage inspiration  you have
to check out her sites and become a fan on Facebook.
From her site:
The dictionary defines vogue as - 
"Popular, acceptance or favor. One that is in fashion at a particular time"  This website is devoted to popular fashion from 1920 - 1965 and to the designers, models  &  photographers which inspire us. 

myvintagevogue is a non-profit fashion archive which follows “The Fair Use Act”
All photos unless otherwise indicated are not taken or owned by me. They are used solely for the purpose of discussion, education and inspiration. These images are not intended for any commercial purpose.
Here are some fabulous examples:

You can follow Jessica's collections on FaceBook
on Tumblr or on Blogger and of course on Twitter
I hope you enjoy following My Vintage Vogue as much as I do!

Have a great afternoon Pussycats! Stay Cool :)
Be in touch! luv Weezi xo