Recycled Suitcase Table

Recycled Suitcase Table
Hellu Pussycats!
My Dad brought in a newly completed suitcase table on the weekend.
Have a look...

We tried some different legs on this one.

It is always handy to have an extra space where you can tuck little bits away.
Good for for holding magazines, remotes, candy and other lightweight items.

There are a few scuffs on the top but all
this suitcase is in great shape!

This is in the studio now or online on my web site:

AND! here is a sneak peak of a new recycled lamp
that is in the studio as well...
This is pretty sweet!
Hope you are having a nice relaxing Monday Pussycats.
Something like Stella here...

Be in touch! Luv Weezi xoxox


Art and Sew Forth said...

Is that a new recycled cat too?!! Looks too comfy there!
These are pretty cool ideas! said...

Ha ha! well, I suppose in a way...she is a rescue cat. She so came to us in a "recycled" sort of way! :)
Thanx for the comment :)