PSST! Your Slip Is Showing!

PSST! Your Slip Is Showing!

Hellu Pussycats!
These last few days in London have been uber hot and uber muggy
down here in Southwestern Ontario.

Don't get me wrong,
I luv summer and I will take it anyhow, any way!
My problem is always what to wear while working.
I work in my home and liken my studio
to something of a "factory"...sweat shop these days..literally.
There is no AC in my sewing studio.
I want/need comfy and cool.
So, I often like to wear shorter skits and dresses b/c they
cooler and dresses are my "thing" in the summer.
Easy peasy-just throw it on and you are good to go.
And, -I like a shorter hem length b/c it is easy to sew in.

Now, having said all that...when I say shorter, I mean to my knee.
At a very intimidating 5' tall, I am a little bit like a British Bull dog.
Short, sturdy legs. Built more for power lifting
then ballet...if you get my drift.
I need my skirts to be workable and I don't want to worry 
about what I am "showing" if I bend over the wrong way.
I want my jiggly bits covered.

I have a favourite trick when trying
to hide the above mentioned issues.
I like to wear a half slip underneath a skirt or
dress and let the lace show.
I like to wear the slip so that it will essentially
 help to " lengthen" the skirt or dress that I am wearing.
It is like an "accessory" for my skirt.
Depending on the lace on the slip,
I can get an extra 3" or 4" out of the hem.

Me today wearing a black dress and one
of my favourite black vintage slips.
It sits just in the middle of my knee...perfect.

I love the laces and trims of vintage slips and always say that they
are too pretty to hide and should be shown.

I have a small collection of basic colours that I use regularly
as well as few vibrant floral ones that
I wear with solid coloured skirts.

I have loads of half slips in the studio Pussycats.
If you think this little trick might work for you...
Pop in and have a browse thru the slips I have.

Have a lovely afternoon!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xo

Photo by Adam Gaverluk


Holyoke Home said...

This is a GREAT idea. I wonder if I can pull it off, and with which of my skirts.....

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Great idea!

Jamie Creason said...

Awesome Idea! I need to hunt down some cool slips!!! said...

Thanx Ladies!! I think it is the bets of both worlds...I get to wear the skirts and dresses that I wish to AND- a pretty bit of the slips is seen too.
Thanx for the comments :)