Happy Birthday to the Weezi Studio!!!!

Happy Birthday to the Weezi Studio!!!!
( & I have been a bad Blogger)

Hellu Pussycats!!!!!!
Today, I am celebrating 3 years in the Albert St studio :)
I can't believe how fast the time has zoomed by...wow!
Here are some photos of the humble beginnings that you might enjoy.

These are pics I took they day we got the keys....

There was  A LOT of work to do!

I can hardly believe we got it ready in 24 days.

Milos painting on Day 5..he was such a big help!

Having to choose on a shade of pink was a happy dilemma!

There was a bit too much blue in that pink.

This one was better.

Opening Day!
OMG!-it looks so EMPTY!

Renee getting ready...

I was so nervous..I thought no one would come.

So, here we are 3 years later...people did come! LOL.

A HUGE thank you to all of you over the past
few years!
Without all your luv & support there wouldn't be a Weezi studio today.
You guys are the best!! xo

Okay now...I have been a bad blogger.
I have been neglecting my blogging duties and I am very sorry!
Starting next week, I will be back on track.
Many apologies but I have to admit, "life" got in the
way of my computer time. 
It happens and there is nothing you can do about it...as I am
sure you can all relate.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xo


Amanda said...

I enjoyed this post and congratulations on keeping it alive! Excellent transformation too!

Weezi.com said...

Thanx Amanda! I appreciate that! :)
OHHH!...it was a transformation for sure!

liz noonan said...

Happy Anniversary! You did a GREAT job with your store! xo

Anonymous said...

This is amazing to see the transformation! Very inspiring. You guys turned it into such a lovely and bright space! Here's to another successful year.



Morgan said...

YAAAAY!! It just keeps getting better, babe! :) Long live the Weez! Long may she sew!

Weezi.com said...

Thanx ladies! I hope that the next 3 years are just as fabulous!