Your Lamp is Made from a WHAT!????

Your Lamp is Made from a WHAT!????
Hellu Pussycats!
My BFF has been a roll lately.
I have said it before and I will say it again, that
girl is a bloody genius with the drill and has some serious glue.

She has made some of her best lamps yet!
Have a look and see what you think...

This hand mixer lamp will be great on someone's kitchen table.
The white bowl will be super handy for snacks
or to throw "stuff" into.

 If your kitchen table backs up to a wall this would be perfect!

This mixer lamp is also perfect for the kitchen.

I think this would make a perfect night light.
The light bulb is in the tin and shines up.


Get out your boogie shoes Pussycats
and dance up a storm to this radio lamp.

This Citizen radio is in excellent working condition.
I think this lamp would make a perfect end table lamp
or you could have it beside the bed.

The goose neck is adaptable to any situation.

This would make a great Father's Day gift!!!

Each one of these lamps is one of a kind.
We suggest nothing larger then a 40 watt bulb.
These are all in the studio if you want to try one
out for yourself.

There are more ...

If you have a funky Dad one of these lamps 
might just be the gift you need.

We will gladly ship out of town.
If you would like to know the shipping cost please
email me your postal code or zip code so I can give you
an accurate price and options.
We at Weezi don't believe in over inflated shipping costs.
Have a great afternoon!
Be in touch! Luv Weezi xo


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Cool!! Great imagination! said...

Thanx so much SLV!!! She has an uncanny way of thinking these things thru and being able to make them work.
We make jokes that we can't throw anything out b/c Katrina can make it into a lamp :)

Vicki @ Nostalgic Collections said...

I just adore your blog! Found you on the Vintage Market team.

Wondering if you'd be interested in a link exchange???



Nancy said...

i LOVE the lamps!

victorias_view said...

I'm digging the radio lamp! It's very cool! said...

Thanx Nancy and Victoria! You never know what she is going to bring in next! :)