Fruit AND Cheese Please!

Fruit AND Cheese Please!
Hellu Pussycats!!
Little known fact about me..I am not really a fruit person per say.
I wish I liked fruit more. I don't know what it is.
I am really more into bread, potatoes and cheese and pasta.
It must be the Eastern European in me.

I have to be in the "mood" for fruit.
Having said that, I have made a deal with myself to eat more fruit b/c
it is good for me and I need to eat more of it.
The deal is... I can eat as much cheese as I want (quilt free)
if I eat more fruit.
So...we have apples and grapes and lots of berries. So far so good.
The one fruit that I never eat is pineapple.
I enjoy a small piece of it in a fruit salad but I never
stop in the produce section and say... "Today I need a pineapple!".
I think  it seems like a lot of work.
Not to mention that pineapple has a very intense flavour, at least to me.

So, with all of my preoccupation with fruit and pineapples this week
Friday favourites today is about fruit in a vintage sense.
Enjoy! ( with a plate a cubed cheese!)

from MouseTrapVintage

from KTiques

 from vintagemimosette

from 47thStreetSupplyCo

from accentonvintage

from gisellegonzalez

from dirtybirdiesvintage

from Byheart

from MinjisShop

from studiostebbylee

from sadiie

  from apt222

from splendorinthetrash

from cjstylish

from fernswoodpixie

from lovesitwantsit
( this is a nesting box!)

from uglysanta

from weezi
Have a great weekend Pussycats!
be in touch! Luv Weezi xo


Tara (BoutiqueKarma) said...

Great post - sometimes we avoid the foods that are best for us because we feel it is more work (washing, peeling, cutting) - but so worth it! ps. I love the intensity of a perfectly ripe pineapple! yummy said...

Thanx Tara! There is no doubt that I shy away from fruit b/c it is messy and sticky. BUT! I should embrace that more and try to enjoy the intense flavours and colours.
Fruit has always been an "issue" w me....but I want to get into enjoying it especially this time of the year.

Anonymous said...

I am dying laughing because I was just nagging my 17 yr old not 20 minutes ago that she cannot live off of meat,bread,and rice !But grilled fresh pineapple is just divine.As are your vintage features!


Handsome&Lace said...

I love fruit! It's like candy to me!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Weezi, we are birds of a feather! I am not a big fan of fruit at all...EXCEPT this time of year, when the local strawberry (and then raspberry) harvests come in. Then I eat lots of berries. Yay for cheese and bread!

Love your picks in this post and have new favorites. said...

Karen! Good to know I am not alone ;)
This is the time of the year for sure! The berries are amazing. I have also included dried fruit in my plan..that should help in the winter.

I could seriously only eat bread and cheese everyday but then I think I would get scurvy LOL! Who gets scurvy anymore??
Thanx for writing! :)